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Originally Posted by tafflink
Bobcat has not been operating properly for me so I thought I'd start all over again and began by using Mapconverter to convert City Nav NA 08.

At about 95% of the way thru conversion I got the first window below in typically unintelligle Windoze-eze. This happened repeatedly. I went ahead and finished the process, hoping naively that it wouldn't matter. I loaded the file to an SD card, then tried to unarchive it on my Mac, which resulted in the second window.

Anyone have any ideas?


I had the same problem.

From the research I did, you have two options:

1) Replace the bsdtar that was shipped with MapConverter with a newer version, which seems not to crash, or

2) do not use compression in MapConverter (this is the method I chose, as I didn't much feel like spending the evening hunting down bsdtar just so I could save a bit of space creating a tar'd, gzip'd copy of the data that had already been converted -- which is what bsdtar does. ".tgz" is a common Unix filename extension indicating that a directory has been run through the tar utility, and subsequently compressed using gzip. And that's bsdtar's function.)

Of course, if you go with #2, you'll discover that Windows doesn't natively support burning files to DVD the way it does with CD, and you'll have to use a third-party application to do this.

Alternately, if you have a 4GB USB flash drive, you could just copy the uncompressed directories over to it, and then copy them from it to the Mac. I believe you can pick up 4GB flash drives for about $20 these days.
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