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Troy Bilt chipper vac. Where do I start? The thing started rattling parts off itself on the first day. It's a directdrive no clutch, a big dry branch will stop it butt cold. The blades were sharp out of the box but after a day of use they needed to be resharpend. You have to take the whole front end off to get at the blades, they are attatched not by plow bolts. You have to pick all the shit and debis out of one side to get an allen wrench on it, then weasle the other hand into the bowels of the machine to get at the nut and unscrew it, one quarter turn at a time. It only has two blades and it should have four. It only has a six hp engine and it should be a ten. It should pick up leaves as it rolls itself forward, instead you have to drag it backwards. It won't pick up pine cones on a dare but it will suck up a ten dollar glove or dog toy and turn it into space dust. You can dump black walnuts down the chute and it will actually hurl them back at you at speed. I took a sawzall and cut the plastic saftey chute off, now I can actually shove branches into it. I took the nose off of it and covered the hole with plywood, and the catch bag is gone as well. now it almost functions as a chipper. I should have spent the money on a chipper I could poke onto the back of the tractor, as it stands I may as well have thrown 800 bucks into the wind.

Fuckin' thing. Hmmm I fell much better now.
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