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My 85 XT600 rebuild/resurrection

Update (no pics yet, I'll get some tonight or tomorrow). The beast is almost alive.............

Well, the bike is almost back together. I had the frame blasted and repainted silver (the disco red was bugging me and the frame had rust and needed help). I also have coated the stock fuel tank internally with the Caswell Phenol coating, replaced all the bearings on the bike that needed replacement, and bought new 'used' wheels (mine had huge dents). I rebuilt the carbs, changed all the cables, adjusted the valves, etc. Upgraded to progressive fork springs, and moved my stock spring to the heaviest spring setting (The little clip under the top spring support).

I should have it all together late tomorrow if all goes well.

As an aside (yes I know I am impatient) I have picked up a very inexpensive fork assembly from an 89 KX500. This thing has 46mm tubes, is conventional in layout (the bike is NOT a racer.....or a jumper.....LOL) and is of a cartridge style. Other than the beefy fork diameter, did you know that the upper and lower bearings are the same as those on the XT600? The stem is about 3/4" too long for the frame though, so I popped the stem out of the lower clamp and machined the upper bearing surface 3/4 'lower' so as to comply with the XT frame. I then made up a 3/4" stainless spacer to fit under the top triple clamp. The setup looks very nice and should work well. I won't be installing it until fall, I am just poking away at it for now. I want to get a KX wheel and front brake setup and as well a Trailtech computer to act as a speedo. I may even convert the rear to KX500 wheel and disk brakes if it looks like the stock swingarm can be altered to accomodate them.

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