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Originally Posted by AlabamaCowboy
Jamie-- Cool idea about camping at Churches... In the South there are churches of one kind or another about every 50' and they are generally well lit, safe , etc etc....

Sort of related side story about real adventure travelers.... I have a hunting camp in the Miss Delta...just off Hwy 61...A couple of years ago, me and a college age cousin showed up for a weekend of hunting to find some guy camped out in the nearly fallen down barn.....

Cuz was scared to death, but I went over to talk to the guy thinking, if a serial killer he might find it harder to slash our throats if we were kind and he had seen our eyes...I know ..Im romantic like that

Paul shared that he was from Wisconsin and was walking to Key West ! He had camped in the barn a few days....he had a small propane stove and had been mixing ketchup packs with hot water ..So he was definitely down and out ....I told Paul he could stay until we left Sunday...During the weekend we talked more to him about his life, problems and so forth....and shared some fresh duck meat that he happily cooked in a pan on his little stove...We shared some pop tarts and bottled water with him.... and off he went on Sunday afternoon...Heading down Hwy 61 , headed for Key West I guess.....Now Paul was a REAL Adventure Traveler...Check out the pic below...

This guy hasn't shown up here in the Keys yet. I'll keep a look out for him and report how's he's fared.

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