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Hey. I have just got muself a 1990 xt600e and I am soooo pleased with it already!!!! I have ridden quite afew other dual purpose type bikes, and loads of dirt bikes, and with my xt being 18 years Im I am suprised at what a beast it is. I had only planned to get it as a hack bike but I have already fallen inlove with it and have plans to turn it into a decent adventure bike, so I have some questions that need answering and was hoping that you lot may be able to help? I want to fit a long range fuel tank to it, I live in the UK, do any of you know where I can get one? Also pannier it possible to get them for this model? Any help would be great. I will be postion some pics of the bike, sort of a befor and after, with quite alot of pics during the process too hopefully!!! Thanks alot!
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