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I posted this on the UK site because of the whinning.

Complaints I have with my Versys

I am getting sick of all the problems I am having riding my Versys. From the time I get on it of the morning to go to work and until I get home of the evening it just sucks. When I turn the key on that noisey ass fuel pump drives me crazy. Why would anyone make a fuel injected engine that needs a fuel pump is beyond me. Then when you start to take off you have to make sure that your side stand is up. Why can't it just pop up on it's own. Now comes the tricky part ,you have to get it into first gear. This means you have to pull the clutch lever in and tap the shift lever. Surely there has to be a better way. Then on top of that you have to make sure that you do not stall it out when you start moving. All of this and we just now are on our way. Out on the road and the problems keep coming. Why am I going so fast around these curves. Hell I am just going to work. Maybe the suspension needs work. A bike that handles this good must have something wrong with it. For some reason when I pass chicken farms I smell chicken shit and dairy farms cow shit. I have never had this problem with my other bikes. Must be the fly screen ,thats all I can figure out. I also keep getting pelted with bugs. Kawasaki can do better at protecting us from these creatures. A bug zapper would be great but it could not be noisey. Then you get to work or back at home and I be damned if the fuel tank does not buzz. A fuel system that vents ,now that is just plain stupid. Why would you vent something that has an explosive fuel under preasure? If this thing was not so much fun to ride I would get rid of it and buy me a bicycle. The only noise I would hear then is my heart beating out of my chest. I would still have to change gears and those things are clunky. Ah fuk it I will just start walking.
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