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The Mobius Trip

The Index: (click links below to see more details)
Mobius I, May, 2008: [NYC - "TAT pt. 1" - Albuquerque, NM]

Mobius II, Sept. 2008: [Albuquerque, NM - "TAT pt. 2" - Flagstaff, AZ]

Mobius III, May 2009: [Flagstaff, AZ - "TAT pt. 3" - Reno, NV]

Mobius IV, Sept. 2009: [Reno, NV - "TAT pt. 4" - Seattle, WA]

Mobius V, May, 2010: [Seattle, WA to Anchorage, AK]

Mobius VI, August, 2010: [Anchorage, AK - Inuvik, NWT - Anchorage, AK]

Mobius 7, May, 2011: [Anchorage, AK - Edmonton, AB]

Mobius 8, Sept, 2011: [Edmonton, AB - "Tura I'doh" - Idaho Falls, ID]

Mobius 9, May, 2012: [Idaho Falls, ID - "Great Basin Loop" - Idaho Falls, ID]

Mobius 10, Sept, 2012: [Idaho Falls, ID - "Hazed & Confused" - Denver, CO]

Mobius 11, May 2013: [Tuscon, AZ - "TKO" - Las Vegas, NV]

Mobius 12, Sept. 2013: [Las Vegas - 3-Step Hideaway - Las Vegas... "The Rematch"]

All GPX files are available for download from here.


The Beginning:

Why Mobius? The surface forms a continuous and ongoing path. When cut down the center it generates interconnected links . It's disorienting. It's a simple concept that's hard to describe. Enough rhetoric.

The kernel of the idea of this trip started around the end of '07. We floated the concept and fine-tuned it in a thread titled: "Dedicated trip bikes: Fly-ride-store-repeat?" in the Trip Planning forum, and we thank those who have helped and advised along the way.

So this is the first post, of the first leg, of an ongoing ride report, chronicling each stage of my and Francine's (La Donna Fugata... or LDF)'s project... throwing into the mix what works and what doesn't for anyone else who may want to keep a couple of itinerant migratory motorcycles as pets.

Note 1: Mobius 1-8 .GPX files are available for download here.
Note 2: Read on for the background, and the very start of Mobius trip I: NYC to NM on (mostly) the Trans-America Trail, or... consult the index above:
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