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I'll paste in the e-mail I sent you the other day since I've got your attention here instead.

I'd like to do a front superlace/supersize black Excel in an 18" for a front wheel, the hub doesn't really matter since I'm building a leading link front end for it to go on. I do need to have my dual discs fit it. '96 Bandit 600 is the model. I'm not really concerned with a speedo drive for the wheel.

For the rear I'd like a black excel 18" superlace/supersize for the same Bandit.

It's a dedicated sidecar mule and it helps if the wheels are just a touch too wide for the tire to help square the tire off a little. I'd like to run 120/90 tires front and back with tubes. If I can afford it I'd like to do a matching 18" wheel for the sidecar too. I'd better see what the damage is on this first though.

Thank you for your time,


I'm pretty sure I can't afford the hack wheel right now, so scrap that idea for now.

Does that help?


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