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Got an early start,

and had another big day:

Didn't take long to get to the NC state line:

And then a curious thing happened. It was cold . I hadn't had any coffee. I had a full tank of gas, and based on the previous day's riding knew not to expect any services of facilities or restaurants or anything on the parkway, so I was wondering how I would survive the next 4 hours without coffee 'till I had to stop for gas, or else how I could scheme to take a quick detour for a cuppa joe. As I'm searching through the GPS database for what might be a quick stop, I pass what is I swear the only coffee shop directly on the BRP. Bluffs Coffee shop, and they're just opening. I stop in, warm up, grab some breakfast and coffee and am on my way.

A little ways further, there was a detour, and for a couple of miles the route jogged into cultivated suburb / exburb / country club / farmland. It was like stepping behind the curtain at Oz. SUV's were ferrying kids to school. Farm workers (or landscapers) were bundled up in jackets riding to a job in the back of a pick-up truck. A garbage truck was making it's rounds. All of a sudden I had to look out for cars coming out of driveways, use my turn signals, it was a jolt.

It really drove home what a jewel this road is. It represents a sliver of remote through an ocean of civilization. In a way, it turned out to be a neat contrast for me when I realized how out west, the interstate represents a sliver of civilization through an ocean of remote.

Early afternoon, I was needing a gas stop, stretch break. I ended up having to leave the ridge, dropped down in elevation over 1000 ft on one of the twistiest 2-lane roads I've ever been on to a small town about 4 miles off the parkway. So I get that there are plenty of more challanging motorcycling roads in the area. But the BRP, at least when I was riding it, is about the longest stretch of unbroken, unspoiled, twisty, unmonitored, remote pavement on the east coast that I can think of. I really look forward to doing it again. Riding the Terra Mostro. With the street wheels.

I have a hard time envisioning traveling north-south on any other route in the future. (Again, high season for blue-hair's in RV's I might change my mind.)

Dunno who these folks were. They saw me taking a photo and started moving out of the frame, I was just like, "no, it's OK, I kind of don't want to wait, I don't mind"

I don't know which was more tasty, this:

or this:

I always make a point of sampling local cuisine.
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