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The end of the beginning

One last little stretch through this area:

It's called the Dragon's Gap, or The tale of the Deal, or something like that. It's pretty neat; an 18 mile chicane, with elevation changes. Nice way to finish nearly a thousand miles on a DRZ in two days. I didn't scrape a peg or anything, but that could be because the pegs are about two feet off the ground. But Rick said my chicken strips were pretty small and that I did pretty good considering I'm a damn yankee.

And he should know because he rides it all the time on all kinds of bikes.

Rick, aka Motor 1, has rightfully rapidly ascended among the ADV gliterati, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Gaspipe, and Gaprunr, If any of you has the opportunity to spend time and get to know Rick, do so... He is one of the kindest, most generous and humble inmates I've ever met. I won't go on about his accomplishments, because it's not his style, but he lives and breaths motorcycles, and has apparently kept himself on the steep part of the learning curve for decades. Which means he knows... well, you do the math. A lot. About alot.

We first spoke about 10 minutes after he posted a blue '04 DRZ for sale in the Flea Market. I called him, and we ended up chatting for about an hour. In that time he had provided intel for us to ride the TAT, which he continued to do up until the minute we left ("Have you thought about what you're going to do when you have to stand down a bull in the middle of the road??? 'cause it will happen...")

(flash forward)

Anyway, I bought the DRZ for LDF (it had been lowered... perfect), and Rick offered to store it until we were ready to start our trip, and offered to host us while we prepped and packed the bikes, and loan tools, and receive shipped tires, and source a tube after I pinched my spare, and even drove out to the Knoxville airport (TWICE!) when Francine's flight was diverted to Chicago overnight because of weather.

Top prize for above and beyond:

Thank you so much... hope to see you soon in NYC.

I arrived late afternoon, and after taking off my gear, but before taking a shower or any of that other fluffery, I tore into LDF's bike to get it ready for her.

Honeybee, meet Blueberry:

The day's stats:

"I came into this game for the action, the excitement; go anywhere, travel light... get in, get out... wherever there's trouble, a man alone... Now they got the whole country sectioned off; you can't make a move without a form." --Robert De Niro as Archibald 'Harry' Tuttle in Brazil, 1985. The Mobius Trip index | Spot tracking live 4/18-5/4/13 | AdventureLoft™ Tent Space
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