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I have to update my tuna comments (that sounds kinda dirty... ). With tuna being over-fished (so I'm told) it's getting really expensive, even in the can. I found the foil packets of tuna on sale yesterday and they were acutally cheaper per ounce than in the can! Crazy...

MB some other form of canned meat will have to step in, but they all sound so unappealing: Spam, vienna sausages, and the "chicken" that's ground to a mush and reassambled in the can... yikes. Well, this summer will be on the cheap, so I'll experiment and get back to yas.

I like that 3-bean salad can in the freezer idea, but I couldn't find anything like that on my test run. Damn I'm hungry...

Chick-Filet has a nice assorment of packets, lots of neat flavors and sauces individually wrapped, try stopping in there next trip.
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