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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works
several items,,,FYI,,,Avon makes some nice square sidecar tires in 18''

next i need your complete wheels ,axles ,spacers,brakes etc so i can see how we are going to go about this in the most economical,manner

i have huge selection of stuff that ican pick from or modify,,,we can sometimes just machine whats left of yours and weld the appropriate size rim to the machine spokes on your mag,,,,your slooked like it has seen better days ehhh???

a few more pics of your rear wheel wouldn't hurt either,,as wella s the sidecar wheels,,,


Thanks for the help, Woody.

That's cool about the Avon sidecar tires, I'll have to look into those for street use. I'm mostly going to run knobs though.

Only the rear needs to be matched to the axle and stuff.

On the front I just want a big hub with good sized bearings, an axle to match, spacers, my rotors to fit and no speedo drive. I'm junking the whole front end so I don't need the spindly front axle I have now. I want to start from scratch for the new front wheel.

I'll get a pic of the rear wheel for you. The sidecar has a trailer spindle/hub and a four bolt wheel..I'll get a pic of that too. I'm really thinking of dropping the new wheel idea for the sidecar for now..I'd have to change sidecar mounts and stuff to make things work...although a package deal and make it fit this winter wouldn't hurt either.

I'll post in the morning.

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