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More TN twisties and sights

Passing through small towns, farmland, mostly paved, some gravel roads. A few water crossings. A good way to get our feet wet, so to speak.

This next shot is NOT out of sequence... there were cacti in TN!

Passed through some Amish communities: They are WAY ahead of the curve when it comes to dealing with $4+/gallon gas prices.

Their farms and houses and yards were all so neat and tidy.

A sharp contrast to some of the trailer homes with junkyard front yards,

and abandoned dilapidated structures that we passed.

Maybe Dan Quayle lives here:

I can't spell either.

Amish laundry day:

A rooster tent-city:

We passed several of these. They aren't chicken-coops. The roosters are shackled to their tents. What's going on here? My best guess is that these are suspected terrorists. A little Guantanamo for chickens. Can anyone else explain?
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