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Originally Posted by viola-tor
some other form of canned meat will have to step in, but they all sound so unappealing: Spam, vienna sausages, and the "chicken" that's ground to a mush and reassambled in the can... yikes. Well, this summer will be on the cheap, so I'll experiment and get back to yas.
Although more expensive than tuna, I'm partial to sardines in mustard sauce. Whenever I make a mid-day stop at a grocery store, I'll buy a tin of those (four or five fish per can) plus a bit of deli-sliced cheese and a roll or two; combined they make for a nutritional meal that tastes more expensive than it really is.

That's just how I am, though. I can seem to sleep almost anywhere, so I'd rather spend my money on quality, tasty food than on lodging or accomodations. Of course, I've also dumpster dived....
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