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1993 Yamaha GTS1000

Hope I'm not jinxing the deal, but I'm picking up a 1993 Yamaha GTS1000 tomorrow. It's a strange bike, but then I like bikes that are different. The 15 minute test ride I did around suburban streets last weekend showed the steering from the weird front end to be a bit heavy and vague, but the stability and unparalleled braking power were incredible. I purposely aimed for bumps and other road imperfections and the bike just soaked it all up.

A somewhat rare bike these days since it was only imported for 2 years, it was Yamaha's flagship sport-touring bike when it first came out with a BMW like price tag of $12,999. The RADD front end designed by James Parker was supposed to revolutionize motorcycling, but it just didn't catch on. Although steering lock distance suffers with this system, IMO it's the superior braking stability and power that is the genius of this design. The detuned FZR1000 motor has plenty of power and torque to get the job done. Having adequate passing power will be no problem, something my 2003 Triumph Speedmaster doesn't have.

I'm already finding out how rare aftermarket accessories can be though when I went looking for Givi racks and found out they're no longer made. Luckily it comes with the Superbike handlebar risers. It also comes with a Corbin seat that'll need to be re-foamed and re-covered.

I'd been looking at newer FJR1300s and the Bandit 1250S before coming across this bike on the local Craigslist. Insurance quotes for the newer bikes scared me off when I was getting prices ranging from $700-1200 per year, but I was relieved when my current carrier told me $200/yr for the GTS1000 with full coverage.

I don't know if this will ever be a collectible bike, but it is possible. There's already one on display at the Barber Museum, and there was one in the Guggenheim's traveling show. But I didn't buy it for that, I bought it to ride. This will be my once or twice a year vacation touring bike, and any long day rides I want to take. If the 200+ mile shakedown ride this weekend pans out, I'm going to Gunnison, Colorado next month for the 15th anniversary rally for the bike.
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