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Originally Posted by Mugwest
Jer-- heard you guys are playing Handlebar soon-- gimme some data that i could just as easily get by looking up Handlebar's schedule

would like to see you play. Maybe we could get a dipshit ADV cheering-section in the house

EDIT: Nevermind-- Parabellum will be playing HB 6 June Friday (D-Day).

I'll be there-- will try to get some ADVers in on it
Haha, well about that... I actually resigned from the band, its been a good four years jammin with those dudes, but with college almost done and starting with the jackson guard, who needs me most on weekends, and needing to save money instead of blowing it all on drugs and alcohol in strange towns, I had to make the right choice for the future. anyone who says the life of a rockstar is enviable (sp?) has no idea. its a hard fuckin way to live, and you spend much more money than you make, and when you got as much shit goin on as I do right now, its hard to justify the sacrifice of time and money necessary to make a band successful. I do wish those guys the best, and ill be there at the show as well, its possible it may be a "last show" for me, we'll see. but definetly come out and check out the tunes, grab some brews and since yer with me all ADV ff's get the afterparty pass

sallad, pm me yer # an ill hit the ol dixieland with ya

anyone ridin tomorrow? ill probly be around and about

oh and btw, anyone know of a good part time job in the area? preferrably dayshifts mon - fri. the job that I thought was a sure thing has become quite the clusterfuck and im thinkin thats not somewhere I wanna waste my time anyways
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