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Day 7 & 8

Day 7 - Dawson Creek

On this date in Dawson Creek, Nothing Happened. As I was loading my bike it started to rain. The weather report said that is would rain all day and be beautiful for day 8 of my ride. That was enough for me. After all this is a vacation and not some crazy endurance test! The ride will continue tomorrow.

Day 8 – Dawson Creek to Laird Hot Springs

Ok, finally took the Mile 0 picture.

What an absolutely beautiful day! If this trip was over at the end of this day, it would all be worth it. This is the road I have dreamt of traveling for the past 34 years and it is even more beautiful than my wildest dreams.

If you are traveling this way, get off the main road anytime you see a sign pointing to the “Old Alaska Highway” and you will see some amazing sights, like the original curved bridge built in 1942.

There is even a park that looks like it hasn’t changed since the early years.

Now I have heard that you need to watch out for wildlife on this highway but nobody told me about this one! Good thing Jeff isn’t here!

If I was a beaver, this is where I would like to live, at least in the summer.

Near Fort Nelson, there is a section of the Old Highway and where it joined back with the new road there was a dirt road going straight ahead. Now, since I am riding a bike that begs to be taken on the dirt, it seemed like a good idea to see where it went. Here is the view at the end of the trail. No sign, no name, just a magnificent lake.

Hey cool, that panorama thing in Photoshop that Eric told me about really does work!

During this day’s ride I saw bear, moose, caribou and buffalo, all within sight of the highway. The days ride ended at Laird Hot Springs, a magnificent place with a long boardwalk ending at a natural hot springs.

I camped under a shelter with Jim and Bob.

Jim is from Skagway and is on his way to Colorado to ride the Ouray and Telluride trails, something I have never done. Amazing, I am heading to Alaska to see the Kennecott Mine, something he has never done. Bob is a retired ship captain and is riding the first bike I have seen with stirrups.

Check Back Often, I will add more soon!
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