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Cool2 Ooops. Should have ordered a 3" or 3.5" rim...


I am installing a Dunlop Rally Raid 140/80-18 (effectively a 150) on the 2.5" rear wheel you built for me. After looking at your chart, I realize I should have ordered a wider rim. I also have a Metzler 6 Day Extreme 140/80-18...but it looks 15mm narrower.

My intention is to run at least a 140 on the HP2. It lays down too much torque, and it seems like a 130 looks way too small on the back. I'm running an Avon Gripster temporarily, and it looks tiny.

Anyway. I have the rim locks. I'll be timid at first to make sure it doesn't do anything strange. If it gets strange, I'll have to send the wheel back for a rim swap. :-( I hate to be without my wheels!

2006 HP2
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