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Originally Posted by docgonzo
.... Maybe that's why they are on all serious dirt bikes despite the hassle of inner tubes and rim locks.
...Walter, that's the second bent rim you've had this summer already, huh? Getting expensive to run your SM on dirt roads.

Still mastering the obvious, eh?

Actually this, like the other one, was done on a paved road- just not a very well paved road. I haven't had a single issue on a dirt road (so far).

I don't think I'd want wire wheels/spokes (that need tubes) on a large street bike. The spoked wheels may be less suseptible to bending (I'm not convinced of it, as I've dented spoked rims in the past). The cast wheels are lighter (and it's unsprung weight), stay true better, run cooler during extended use, are much less susceptible to blowout, and are more easily repaired when flat.

I could see cast wheels on mx and other competition dirt bikes- situations where you don't need the sidewall tear protection that a tube tire provides. I suspect the real challenge to overcome would be to engineer a cast wheel that provides the same flex/feel characteristics while maintaning the strength. But motorcycling is composed of pretty conservative mindsets, so it may take a while.
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