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Rear suspension

Originally Posted by milkman
Time to seriously consider some rear shock improvements.
I usually like to wear out the originals first, but doing 500km of two up on the weekend on some twisty back roads, I found me and my pillion being bucked into the air or hitting the stops on a number of occassions (I may have been going a little fast "sometimes")

So reading through the past threads on the matter has thrown up some confusion for me (keep in mind i'm a suspension spaz)

Ohlins are stretching the budget, but i bet they're nice

I have previously run Ikons on other bikes - good performance at an affordable price.
I read Davo that you've blown a couple? Any thoughts? What did you end up with?

I've had a look at YSS website, G 302 look like one's Rhodie helped developed - no price listed.
Has anyone tried the YSS E 302 (standard replacement?) or Z 302 ?

I don't need endless adjustability as I wouldn't even know what I was doing!

Maybe I could just take it easy, but as I have a missus who is keen to come for rides, and that gives me more bike time, I should look into this.

Any thoughts appreciated (sorry if this has been covered but my search couldn't turn up the answer)

Milkman, I selected Ohlins with the resevoirs, and I bought them at New Bonneville. The only adjustability to these are pre-load, ie. you wrench the rings up or down.
I went with Ohlins because I trust them and they're readily serviced here in the States.

I had an unseen problem with the upper pipe rubbing the resevoir, hence a bald, shiny spot on it now. A couple of washers have provided space needed.

During spring riding , the resevoir (on the pipe side) didn't seem to suffer any undue heat.
However, it's now 99 degrees Farenheit, and baby, that thing is hot to touch.

I don't know if this will be a problem for me.
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