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Originally Posted by timk519
Hey Gus - I've got an Ultimate Bigboy too (although I'm 5'7") - I'd suggest getting the Ultimate backrest to give your lower back the support it needs. I've got one on my bike, and can feel a huge difference between having it and not having it.

If you do get one, make sure they give you one with a long 'tounge' so it sits in the small of your back. The stock one was too short - even for me...
You know I am moving?

So the Valk is on the block. Listed on CraigsList and we havd seen some nibblers, but just like Harley, sales for larger displacements in Alaska have sunk.
Might be keeping her anyway.

But the Valk is a hoot, just not the long mileage bike the GS is, for me.
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