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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Let's list them here and then I'll copy them there:

There are the 3 listed in the Must Do Mods.

I also have the stalling issue which is from a pinched breather hose.
Some have reported battery failures, but that's the battery not the bike.

I've also listed the recalls.

what else could we add?
-Noice from the suspension, don’t know if it’s from the front or back. Only when the suspension works fast.

-When the motor stalls and bump-starts sometimes it doesn’t idle. If I turn the power off for some seconds and start it’s ok again but as long as the power is on there is no idle even if I shut the motor down and restart it. (Not a problem as I know how to deal with it)

-Strange “clonking” noice from the motor when driving very slow slipping the clutch on 1 gear. Always after downshifting.

-The air-shock wears out of the mud-flap. (Fixed in one of the technical actions by the dealer)
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