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Originally Posted by Vetus Dorkus
I am really going to look into it now (got to see how much it will cost us first), I tried sitting on my dads K1200LT and could not, how can I steal, umm, borrow his bike if I cannot sit on it?

The real reason I need to do somthing about it is that I was loading my bike and my sons bike into the truck and my damn leg stopped working again. I fell off the ramp but the bike was far enough in as to be stopped from falling off of the ramp (and on to me) by the end of the bed. I either have to stop doing fun things or get this fixed. Oh yea, I really could not stand to sit on the LT...damn.

A nice thing is that I live near Houston, I am sure I can find a good Orthopod at the Texas Medical Center, maybe even a biker .

I talked to a great many people prior to my surgery about their experiences, and the main thread that ran through each conversation was this: Almost every single person wished that they had not waited as long to have the work done. I've always considered myself to be a strong individual, and I waited as long as I could becasue I believed that I could tough it out. I now know that I was a damned fool for waiting so long. Not only did suffer with pain, but my family, friends, coworkers, etc., suffered my nasty moods and unpleasant disposition. Frankly, I've been an asshole for years due to the fact that I was hurting (there were other factors, too, but the pain didn't help. ) .
I guess that what I'm trying to say is this: don't wait. If there's any possible way to get the process started, then by all means do so. You'll be happier, your family and friends will be happier, and your life will improve in ways that you can't imagine.

Life's too short to hurt so much.
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