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Originally Posted by vortexau
I encountered the same sort of misunderstanding during correspondence with Craig Vetter! Initially he considered Hossacks to be Girders!
The Britten is often described as having a girder front-end even though it's clearly a Hossack/Fior design.

Originally Posted by vortexau
Norman had difficulty getting any motorcycle builders to try his system, and only BMW seemed to appreciate its advantages. Then, BMW's main version was only half-Hossack until the K1200S with its (full Hossack) Duolever front end.
The BMW Telelever is a Saxon-Motodd copy and operates quite differently from the Hossack. In the Saxon-Motodd design, suspension is still a function of the uprights (telescopic forks) but suspension loads are input into the chassis from both the A-arm and steering head. In the Hossack design the upright is merely a steered component and all suspension loads are carried by the two A-arms.

The Hossack system should be ideal for sidecar useage and if combined with a steerable sidecar wheel (about 50% of the front wheel input) and a torsion bar interconnect to the rear wheel (a concept well-proven by MZ-Stoye with the Superelastik) would create a delightful outfit.

Unfortunately the Australian ADR width limits tend to make a steerable sidecar wheel VERY difficult.
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