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No Man's Land

The Oklahoma panhandle has an interesting history. It seems it was orphaned and abandoned in the western land grab era. Again, from Wikipedia:

"When Texas sought to enter the Union in 1845 as a slave state, federal law in the United States based on the Missouri Compromise prohibited slavery North of 36°30' parallel north. Under the Compromise of 1850 , Texas surrendered its lands north of 36°30' latitude. The 170-mile strip of land was thus left with no formal territorial ownership. It was officially called the "Public Land Strip" and was more commonly referred to as "No Man's Land."The Compromise of 1850 also established the eastern boundary of New Mexico Territory at the 103rd meridian, thus setting the western boundary of the strip. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 set the southern border of Kansas Territory as the 37th parallel. This became the northern boundary of No Man's Land."

I'm not sure all that much has changed... it is desolate and remote.

Shade is a commodity. There aren't many communities...

Just antelope: (look close)

And open road... that's sand, pin it, baby! :

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