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Quick Advice on Leading Link


I'm setting up a sidecar rig in the next 2 weeks (waiting on a paycheck to buy the sidecar) and then on July 5th I am lighting off for a 3000+ mile ride in 5 days. I will then live off said rig for the next 16+ months. I know I've stated this all before.

The rig is a 1995 Kawasaki KZ1000P with a Velorex 563T sidecar. I have enough extra money to get a set of Leading Link Forks from SideStrider. The money would be better spent for the trip/living, but... but... I could spare it.

How much of an improvement do they make? Does it at all help stop the chair from flying in right hand corners? Or is that totally Seperate? I have the Yellow Book and have been reading it.

I'm not the strongest dude who ever lived, I'm tall and lean. Wirey build, so wrestling with the handlebars is not objectionable, but if the Leading Link makes THAT much of a difference.... I'll do it.


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