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Do it. I just purchased a Triumph Thunderbird with a Velorex hack (my 18th bike, but 1st hack), and delivered it 1000+ miles for my maiden trip. The bike has the standard forks. In a word, its DIFFERENT. And a lot of work. Sure, you will (kind of) eventually get used to applying turning forces, but even after 2 months, a moments inattentiveness in a corner can have serious consequences. To the point that I cannot subject my wife and dog to a 200 mile trip; my personal feeling is that it borders on being dangerous. Once I get the leading link, no problem.

Somewhere in the last few days, I came across a guys blog. He has been riding sidecars for years (with a leading link), and due to a mechanical problem, re-fit his tube forks on a temporary basis. He was appalled at the lack of control, as compared the leading link. Sorry, I do not have the url handy. But do a google and drill down 4 or 5 pages or so - hopefully you'll find it.

I'm still looking for a leading link myself. It seems as if Unit (in England) has the market. Have you found anyone else? The Triumph forks are 43mm, and Unit uses something smaller (they would not tell me what size), and provides bushings for the triple trees. I'm a bit uncomfortable with that design, so I'll keep looking.
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