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Since I do quite a bit of solo offroad riding I just ordered up a spot to complement the Iridium phone, just a bit of redundency for safety's sake. One question about the GEOS sar insurance. I emailed them with the questions but did not get a response.

From the GEOS website, here are a couple of situations where they will not cover the sar costs....

a) your situation is caused by circumstances such as a forecast change of weather conditions, which could reasonably have been anticipated at the date you started your trip
b) you have NOT made adequate provision of resources or training or competence needed to complete your planned trip.

"A" is a bit nebulous. Does that mean the date you start the beginning of the whole trip or is it a day by day thing? Also, deserts are hot and sometimes you cannot carry enough water to surivive days in a remote desert if you are forced to walk out. I assume hot and dry would be an easily anticipated weather condition, hence no sar money for you.

"B" is problematic as well. So I am hauling the mail down a sand wash and hit a rock or a washout that launches me from the bike resulting in injury bad enough that I cannot extract myself. So who decides if I had the "proper training" to be doing what I am doing? What if I had no formal dirt bike training at all, or even if I did one could say that I was not formally trained in desert off road riding.

I'm highly suspect of this insurance for these reasons coupled with the fact that my emails asking about it have not been replied to. Also, the price seems too good to be true, and we all know about stuff that seems too good to be true.

Anyone know the scoop on this?

I will continue to use my aeromedevac insurance because I know it works and works well. Just wondering if this would be a good option, but it doesnt sound like it.


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