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OK, well just after I wrote the last post, the SPOT came to my door. I activated it, and yes, they got me for the 8 bucks a year GEOS sar insurance. Yeah, laugh it up.

I tested the unit out and it worked as advertised sending the various messages that I commanded. Pretty f'ing cool if you ax me. Like I mentioned before, its not my only means of comm when I'm riding solo in the MOFN, but I think its a great thing to have. The Iridium could run out of juice or may not be able to get sat coverage of the Iridium constellation when I need it, so the spot is a backup, and an easy way to send an OK msg to mom, dad and the wiff without having to actually talk to them at 3 bucks a minute.

Not to mention, my help message goes to one of my riding buddies and says, "Dude I'm broke down in Baja and need a truck. So get your ass down here pronto to pick me up and bring tiedowns and beers."

Gotta love that feature.
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