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Originally Posted by GuzziTriumphEnfield
Thoughts? Advice? Wisdom?
Leading Link front end is worthy.

Don't matter a bit about flying the car (or plowing it into the ground either) - that'll all be determined by the lead you install the sidecar at and your skill at driving it through the corners. Pay attention to the reduced speed warning signs and use lots of ballast as you gradually build expertise. 3000 miles in six days? Kinda' pushin' it, dontcha' think? It is NOT the same as riding a bike.

Too bad you haven't allowed yourself more time to experiment, you could aways go to a Ural dealership and see if they'll let you take a test ride - Bellingham, WA did for us (in their lot).

Have fun - be careful. Watch out for changes in road condition like off-camber corners, 18-wheeler ruts and decreasing radius righty's...
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