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Originally Posted by RedMenace
Quite so. I assumed, since the original poster had mentioned buying links through SideStrider that they would be designed to reduce the trail, and thus the steering effort, of his bike. There are many other ways to go about this, but links are the most familiar.

the same is true for fork flex and stiction issues. Properly designed links can be made to deal with those problems, but it is a design and construction issue and not necessarily an inherent trait of links. And telo forks can be modified to reduce flex and stiction, and often this can be done with less weight than links.
Hi Vernon,

My post was directed at Ragman and not Doug Bingham/SideStrider. If anyone misconstrues my post I'm sorry. Doug, I hold in the highest regard for his free giving of advice. When I needed information about DA sidecars both Doug and Hal Kendall freely gave the advice that I needed. I am constructing a sidecar based on their offerings. Once it is completed, the plans will be available to all in the same spirit as it was designed. I will sell a sidecar based on that design, but I doubt few Americans will buy it - I'm an ocean away and postage costs are high!

As to leading links, there have been several leading links offered by Chinese companies that I consider a fatal accident awaiting an event. You may not have yet had them in America, but we have here in Australia. A bad front end is NOT good!

Stephen Wiggins.
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