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TMax price

Originally Posted by Joel mark
The bad news is the price $7999 for the blue, $8099 for the Yellow.

I have wanted one of these since last year when they came out in the UK.

I was figuring they were going to be in the high $6k range or right at $7k tops, just by what the Burgman and the Silverwing are priced at, but $8grand I don't know.

I am dissappointed that the turn signals in the front are not integated in the body like they are in the UK, and like on the Majesty. I am going to have to see one in person first, and possibly ride one before I make up my mind.

I see they also dropped the Morphus, and brought a new Zuma 125 thats cool.

I hate it when they finnaly bring something to the states that we want and price it to high. A new Burgman 650 is $7899 for 150 more CC.

The Bugman is a nice scoot, I owned a 2006 650 for about 8 months rode it almost 2000 miles. I just wasnt ready for it I guess.

Thats why I want the new TMAX, a cross between a bike and a scoot.

We will see, Joel.
Joel: Look at the price of EVERYTHING! A company bringing in a totally new product is going to price it according to the dollar's current value.....the Burgman was priced when gold as $500oz / oil $60 a barrel and the dollar on par with the euro........did you really think a new product introduced in today's BoyGeorge economy was going to be priced at Honda Reflex levels....? Bruce
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