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I will post pictures, when I get a chance to take some. I have about 500 kms on it now, and it is better then what I hoped for. It is very stable on the highway and in cross winds. It clips along with no vibrations and or shuttering even at high speed. I can ride at 120 kph with no problem. As a matter of fact I had to pass a car at this speed so I opened it up for a very short time. It climbed to 160kph and was still pulling when I let off. Unfriken believable. Millage so far seems to be in the 60 mpg (Imp gal) in mixed riding. Low speed handling and ride comfort is again very good. My only complaint is they say a full face helmet fits under the seat, but my Icon will not fit?? It does hold lots of stuff though and the two glove boxes work very well (be nice if they locked). It sure gets alot of looks, and even the motorcycle guys wave at me (go figure). I am very very happy with this bike.
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