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Hey I have seen a Valk pulling one of them A line pop up trailers..
From behind you couldn't see the Valk..
LOL just two helmets that looked like they where coming from the top of the trailer !!!

I think as long as your on flat land No mountains .. It might be OK....
Other wise the push down hills could be a challenge...

The heaviest either one of us has pulled behind our Valks...
Mate had at least 600 lbs behind his Valk.. (two wheel)

I have pulled around 780lbs behind mine .. But I have a trike...

But lets face it as long as nothing goes wrong... All will be fine...
If something could go wrong ~ The trailer makes it hard to recover from a mishap.....
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
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