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This one is my baby.... It has 122k.. and I'm rebuilding the clutch...
Life and riding keep getting in the way buttoning it back up..
It have 15k on it when I bought it 5 yrs ago...

This one I built this past year and have put 18 k on it so far....
Dang I just figured out, since Jan to now I have put 13k on !!!
LOL... Now you know why I haven't put my other one back together !!
I have been thinking of changing the looks a little on this one again...
With some of that black chip stuff (Rhino.. bed liner)..
And some big Piaa lights.... I do a lot of night riding....
I think I want it to look Big Bad n Mean.....
Also the lever covers are no gone...

Funny both are Valks with the same rear-ends and both ride completely different !!!

My mate also has many Valks all two's... LOL I have been thinking of hacking one of them... Shhhhhhhhhh I haven't told him yet ....
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