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Wicked Petcock rebuild kits installed... easy breezy.

Just thought I'd share some info. I learned while installing these petcock rebuild kits... enjoy.

OK Here's the scoop... I ordered the genuine Honda side covers before I found out that those diaphragms can be had in a kit for half the price. Oh well... at least you guys informed me... I just should have waiting for all the replies to come back before JUMPING! HA!

Anyway, those rebuild kits are only like $16 so what the hell... I got a couple of those too. Yes, I did say two. Remember, I have two '89 TA bikes. Kind of a blessing and a curse. ;^)

Part number for K&L rebuild kit 18-2701 (contains 2 diaphragms, 2 o-rings, and 1 spring) $16.95 ea

Part number for Honda factory side cover kit 16953-ME5-005 (contains 2 diaphragms, 1 spring, 1 AL spacer that sandwich between the diaphragms, 1 AL spacer that fits between the petcock body and the outer cover, 1 AL outer cover, and 4 screws) $27.95 ea

I elected to use the Honda kits as I couldn't resist installing that pretty new cover! I plan to keep the two rebuild kits as spares.

Here is some interesting info. I found out. You might already know this or not, but this is my .02

1) The 2 diaphragms actually do act as a mini fuel pump. The relationship of the tank to the carbs. is such that gravity alone isn't enough. The light action pumping of the diaphragms provides that little bit extra needed.

2) You don't have to worry about flooding your bike if these diaphragms breakdown. If you always remember to turn the petcock to the OFF position this will never happen. The valve shuts off the fuel completely. I guess the petcock valve could leak causing the fuel to flood the motor, but I don't think it's a problem. The diaphragms also shut the fuel flow off from the motor in the absence of vacuum. Kind of a safeguard. Yes, you can leave your petcock in the ON position (with good diaphragms) and no fuel will flow, but turning the petcock to OFF is like doubling your protection. Plus, I feel it extends the life of the diaphragms a bit by not requiring them to take on all the responsibility.

3) You don't have to remove the tank to install the kits. I just removed the side faring and had lots of room. As stated above, no fuel will run out in the OFF position when removing the side cover. The 4 screws are easy to get at and I'd say the hardest part was just making sure that spring got lined up right when offering the bits together.

So, that's it. Pretty easy install and it goes fast. Having those crash bars might require a little more effort to remove the side faring, but they also make for handy holders. You can put a little bucket on the bars when you're finally doing the petcock test (vacuum with mouth on air line) and let the fuel flow into the bucket without holding it. Nothing real important, but kind of nice nonetheless.

OK, that said... PETCOCK is one of those great manly words that always make me want to snicker a bit when I say it to someone that has never heard the word. Got to love your Pet Cock... hey, if you don't... how can she? bah hahahaha

OK, I'm a bit immature so what! Hey, it's just that that'll keep me young!

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