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Originally Posted by password?
Hi all, I came across thread after googling "hip replacment+Motorcycle Racing"

I was wondering if there was a riding/racing life after hip replacment... Turns out there is! I'm just home from rehab after bi-lateral total hip replacment (both sides at once) and already life is good. At 4 weeks I'm walking with-out sticks and are pretty much pain free. Quite amazing! Infact I can do more now than in along time, though I still get tired pretty quickly.

I can appreciate everything that has been said here regarding the pain stuffed hips cause, and the cost they have on your quality of life and relationships. Cronic pain is a diease in itself and should not be lived with when the simple alternative of having a hip replaced is available. My hips degenerated quickly over 2 years, at the end I was ready to be put down if relief from the pain was not available... Seriously.

I'm an ex-road racer now, though My Doc, who is highly rated rekons, that after recovery and extensive rebuilding of all the wasted muscle, that track riding will be okay. I asked about damaging the hip if I happened to have a big or nasty off, and he said dislocation was probably the worst thing that could occur, and if I broke the bone, it all could be put back together without too much more trouble than if it was a virgin bone How many superbike or gp riders damage their hips? I can't remember in the past of ever hearing of such an injury.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not going to wrap myself in cotton wool.... I'm going to get out there (when strong) and play!

After stumbling apon this fantastic site, I think I'm going to buy a dual-sport and do some adventure riding as well

So my advice in relation to hip replacment,or resurfacing is this...
Don't delay! Take out private health insurance (keep in mind waiting periods for pre-existing injurys) ... my surgery and rehab cost me around a thousand dollars though the bill was just on 40K. Work hard at rehab and rebuild lost condition quickly. Then get out there and have fun! See you all around....

Having these procedures done is all about quality of life. Being in constant, burning pain brings life down to the level of mere existance, and I also wondered if it was worth it once in a while. Having two kids and great wife keeps one from doing anything rash or stupid, though, and I now I can look forward to a life of positives.
I, too, am an ex-roadracer, and I'm mulling over the possilibty of doing track days again. Jeez, I'm not too sure just how it's gonna fell to be able to actually move around on the bike in the corners. Most of my time on the track has benn in the classic "knees in, toes out" riding style of the 60's. Putting the right knee out was simple horrible. Not any more.

You have my undying respect for having a bi-lateral procedure done. What I've gone through so far ihas been a relative piece of cake, and having both done at once looks like a real challenge. Good on you for having such a fantastic outlook for what's in store!! Life is what we make of it, and I've seen far too many people give up in the face of pain, sickness, or hardship. We only get one go around, and it's really gratifying to see that others here are sharing my opinion that making the best of it is really the only option.

BTW, Larry Pegram, an American roadracer, had a full hip replcement done sometime in the 90's. He's an ex-dirt tracker, and had too many hard tumbles in that discipline. He's still racing and still competetive in the AMA series.
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