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Motorcycle-sidecar passenger trial for DW

My Dear Wife and I have been talking about my having a sidecar attached to my maxi-scooter. At 650 cc, I know that the bike will easily take the load.

However, neither one of us has ever actually been aboard one. I know that I can learn the necessary skills to manuever one at highway speeds.

However, DW is a little skittish ... and we don't want to commit to such a $4,000+ conversion blindly.

So, is there anyone around who has a motorcycle-sidecar rig, within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia, PA, who would like to offer my lady a 20-30 minute ride as a sidecar passenger. A bit of back roads and main roads would be fine. Expressways not needed. I could follow behind a ways, if she yells "NOOOOOOOoooooo ...." and trys to climb out while moving.

We could pay a bit for the time, gas and stuff, and, if needed, work up some kind of a release from liability, if desired.

If interested, e-mail me ( the Retired Reprobate) at

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