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Originally Posted by modrover
OK Now hold on...

Did someone just change his avitar and go over to the DARK SIDE?

10 penalty points and you, yes... you, sir... must now hand over YOUR Transalp!

You better have kept that old bike... you'll need it when the 950 breaks down.
Not to worry Modrover. I still appreciate my 'alp as much as the day I rode it home in 1994. It's for sure staying with me.

You really owe it to yourself, tho, to go and give a KTM 950 a spin. They are much like the Transalp, only higher and with balls. (the suspension is a big upgrade too)

RE: Darkside Whatcha gettin at Rover??? Yeah, maybe the avatar looks a bit darth vader-ish, eh?
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