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Originally Posted by Hodakaguy
Another idea if you want to do a little fab work. Here's what we used for a tool tube, its a toilet plunger that comes in a stainless steel tube. Bought it at the local hardware store.

We unscrewed the handle and your left with a nice light tube. Here we welded up some mounts for the lid and just finished powdercoating the assy.

This is the mount that we fabed up. It's going on my fathers TW200.

All mounted up. We made a rubber gasket for the inside of the lid to keep everything dry.

Rear View.

Do you have to have another rider ahead of you with a "Wide Load" sign?

Damn that thing's wide.

Obviously functional though... don't be offended by the comments. I get teased regularly for the stock graphics and purple frame of the KLX.
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