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While I agree with you in principle, I will defend the Urals and their newer, higher costs.

Other than a few "minor" issues, it is not a sub-standard product. German made gears. Nippon-Denso alternator (770 watts, baby!!!). Keihin carbs. Brembo disc brake up front. Ducati ignition system.

And the #1 reason they can justify the higher price - they are the ONLY gig in town that makes motorcycles as sidecars from design to finish. With 2-wheel drive. And reverse.

The supply has always been lesser than the demand. To my knowledge, they haven't had problems selling every moto they've brought into the US of A.

Would I pay the additional price? Damn right I would.

Now...if they would just find some better paint...!

Originally Posted by frederickflintsone
you are realy insulting testors model paint by associating it with ural paint.
testors works quite well on plastic.
the company I work for is building a plant in russia, and the horror stories I am hearing from my co workers going there, you just wouldnt believe. the quality that they get in everyday goods is far less than the quality of the cheap chinese goods we get at walmart. having worked in the auto engineering field, I have a grasp of production costs, and I just cant justify any reason for the list price of a 2008 gear up to be as high as it is.
they are charging a super premium price for a sub-standard product.
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