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Originally Posted by frederickflintsone
this is the only reason they are still selling now.

with the caveate that I dont own one, I still say they are an inferior product and not up to world standards, part of there apeal is the nostagia. they make a modern 1950's bike.
HD makes a wonderful 1940's bike and they also sell everyone they make.

compare a $14,000 (msrp) ural to a $17,000 (msrp) BMW GS and there is realy no comparision (sidecar asside). the BMW GS has taken 1930 engine design to well beyound modern world standards.

when your pike is paid for, strip it down, have all the metal sandblasted then spray it with an epoxy primer. (uesualy a gray-green) to start and then get out the flat camo paint and go to town
While I was more interested just a few years ago when a Patrol was more like $10k instead of $14k I would still get one if I had the extra cash now. I think the fun I would have would far out weigh what I was paying.

HD's bike are not faithful reacreations of the bikes they mimic the way the Ural and Royal Enfields are but then the HD probably is way more reliable. If you are buying a Ural expecting it to be a HD type experience you would be heading in the wrong direction I would think.

I agree it would be nice if someone would make a modern bike designed as a hack rig but it probably will never happen.

P.S. Do the Ural's have the $17k dollar BMW's final drive issues
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