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My XT350

Hey gang, I have a 1999 XT350, great to find a thread for them.
Been trying to get mine running right for a while. I'm still dinkin with it, but any ideas what's wrong?

Bike had sat around for a long time and I spent a couple weeks getting it going again (valve clearence brakes shock linkage wheels chain etc). Rebuilt carb, pretty good shape I'd cleaned it last year. Had it running good enough to ride around last week, but it kind of stumbled like it was running lean when you try to get going after first gear and would die at stop lights sometimes. Did highway speed!

Last night I put a #4 nylon washer under the needle on primary carb (home despot doesn't have metal #4's, i'll switch for a metal asap). Turned pilot air screw to 2+ turns out. Runs fine on choke but barely keeps going with choke off and dies when you open the throttle at all. Turned pilot air screw to 2- turns out still acts the same. Didn't know which way richens it so I was trying both. Any tips? thanks in advance for any help! I'll put up a pic of the bike someday :}
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