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Pilot screw in or out?

Hey gang, can someone tell me if turning the pilot screw out or in riches/leans the mix? My guess is turns in is leaner, but the Clymer nicely skates around this issue (as with most carb tweaking stuff). Thanks in advance!

PS: Still dinking around with my XT here, it still will idle crazy high no prob with the choke on but close that and/or give it gas and it dies. Has small backfires through the carb. Rebuilt the carb a third time, glad I did, I found a mistake I'd made! That didn't fix it though.
Shim on primary/secondary needle, or neither, or both
Pilot two turns out, then half turn in or out
Disabled compression release
Same results /w aux fuel tank
Other things I forgot
Carb sync ahead/behind
Fuel level is on high side of being in spec

Grreatdog, I'll try that carb cleaner/boot trick next time I'm out there kicking on it. Thanks all!
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