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Originally Posted by SteveRed
So Crank.. Is there much speed lost with the 14/49 combo? You are effectively dropping 5 teeth from stock (15/47) Where can I get my hands on one?
Top end cruising suffered a bit, but I could still do gravel road speed bursts up to 86 mph(gps). For the nasty rocky stuff here in New England, I would rev out in second, but not be able to have enough forward speed for third.
Now I can haul in third and lug in second. 1st is a good approach gear now.

Did the 380 mile ass burner yesterday and the gearing worked well, but it was just a bit peaky on the tarmac. Speed limit in Vermont is 50mph, but I usually ride at 65... the simple solution is to ride the speed limit, but thats no fun I think for extended tarmac travel with moderate trails, a 15/49 might be the best compromise. I'll try and throw the 15t cs on this week and give her a go.

I was climbing a nasty,rocky,loamy section and field modified my shift lever It lasted about 4 miles until a log snagged it in a mud hole.
I said screw it and rode the final 220 miles shifting with the nub

Just say'IN
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