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Originally Posted by KinkyWinks
I buy Nature Valley Granola bars at Sam's, I can't remember what I pay for the big box of 70 oats and honey bars but it is cheap. Also the Austin brand peanutbutter and cheese crackers in a box of 45 packs is about 10 cents a pack. I can live for days on these things. They pack easy, don't spoil, and are water proof.
Dude! Did you see all the new flavors of Nature Valley??? I got one that had a bunch of peanuts, can't remember, but it was a light blue box, very good, and same price. MB four new flavors, oh yeah! I've lived on those for a long time...

I tried getting a can of Kidney beans that had chili seasoning in it off the shelf. Pryed it open, poured it on tortillias and really enjoyed it, 59 cents plus the tortillias... no mess either, I HATE cleaning up dishes when camping. I think I'm gonna start going with corn tortillias because they are a little smaller (for packing). Anyone know if they are slightly better for you than flour? Seems like I remember hearing that, but it could be total BS...
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