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I understand the pilot screw is air. Turn it out for more air.

I'd recommend checking the plug color, especially after WOT for a couple minutes. (Pull clutch, hit kill, and coast to sode of road -- pick a nice shady spot while you wait for it to cool off enough to pull the plug.)

As Skidmarx has pointed out, you need to start with WOT and work back to idle. That involves more steps with this 2-carb set-up. The secondary CV carb should come on at about half throttle, so you'll need to check plug color a little above and a little below that. THEN fuss with idle (unless you KNOW the higher RPM jetting is right).

For my part, I'm still trying to get WOT right. I think TTKlaus has his carbs sorted. They sure come way-way lean.
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