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Here's the tag.

This is located on an aptly named street in a county that could be named after a place in England. That really narrows it down for Virginia, doesn't it?

OK, the county could also be named after a place in Germany.

By turning off of the main street, a route number that adds up to 9, you'll find the building on the right.

The building was formerly a church and a Civil War field hospital. Again, that really narrows it down for Virginia. It's lawn is used for concerts, civic events, and weddings.

The town where the tag is located is in the middle of everything, and is named in honor of the estate of a native son who went on to great fame in Kentucky. The guy was a badass, even engaging in a duel that resulted in a hit on him and the other guy.

I'm just lookin' for clues at the scene of the crime.

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