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Originally Posted by Retro
Well well, I see things are progressing like a family game of Monopoly after Thanksgiving dinner.

Freak did get the tag.

And he did post it through his Smugmug account and insert the link.

I was also having some trouble with it, and I have no idea why. It could have been a temporary Smugmug or Advrider issue. Advrider has been loading slow for me lately.

Usually you can see the red X picture by right clicking on the X, and then doing a copy/paste on the properties of the picture into your browser window.

But, the bottom line is, he did post it first.

So, Freak is

The Winner!!
Sheesh, you big city fellers clearly ain't ever played much monopoly. It ain't over till I've flipped the board over "accidentally" cuz I landed on Broadway.

Ok, tech glitches are over. Let's play

"If you hold a cat by the tail, you learn things you cannot learn any other way."

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