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Originally Posted by Gimmeslack
Sheesh, you big city fellers clearly ain't ever played much monopoly. It ain't over till I've flipped the board over "accidentally" cuz I landed on Broadway.

Ok, tech glitches are over. Let's play
OK, here's the new tag.

Because I got the last tag in the evening, and since it's raining this morning, I won't be venturing far and wide.

So It will be in one of the counties in the Richmond region.

If you have proven yourself not once, not twice, but thrice. And if you affirmed your postion with a slew of folks from the place of rain and coffee, and if you assaulted your secretary after receiving a citation on your last trip to Omaha, then you are certainly gallant and sly.

This tag is located along a 2 digit route which is an even number, though when you add the two digits together, they are equal an odd number.

The county is named after a British Queen, who was married to a British King for which another Virginia county is named.

The tag location is important, but so is the sign that is in front of the site.

I'm just lookin' for clues at the scene of the crime.

Quis custodiet ipros custodes?
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